New Public Art Installed

Greeting Arc I & Greeting Arc II

Project Name – S. Pinckney St. Public Art – Commissioned by the City of Madison

Location – Downtown, Madison, WI

Material – Stainless Steel, Paint

Date Installed – November 2023

Dimension – Greeting Arc I ( 10’H x 1.7’W x 1.3’D ), Greeting Arc II ( 6.5’H x 2’W x 2.8’D )

Greeting Arc I
Greeting Arc II

Madison, Wisconsin’s capital city, is located in the state’s south central region. Madison’s downtown is centered on an isthmus connecting Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. Greeting Arc I and II are installed in a new median, flanking a pedestrian cross walk, on the 200 block of South Pinckney street, just a stone’s throw from the capital and Lake Monona. The sculptures’ concept, which is inspired by the glitter of sunlight’s reflection on the water and the land’s curves that surround it, ties closely to the beauty of Madison’s natural surroundings.

Fabrication & Installation

The sculptures’ shiny curved fronts are created by welding small, laser-cut triangle pieces together to form a textured pattern of inverted pyramids. This part of the process reminds me of quilting as smaller pieces are repeated to form a larger area.

Dedication & Press Release